The pumping station with symmetric aerofoil can achieve reversible pumping function. It can keep high reversible efficiency and its flow coefficient is approaching to normal one. At same time, it has the simple structure and is easy to operate and maintain. The flow inside reversible pumping station is very complex and dominated by three dimensional viscous effects. With the rapid progress of computational fluid dynamics, CFD has become an important tool to help to make full understanding of flow. In order to recognize the characteristic of pumping station, the control volume method is used to simulation the flow filed. The RNG k-ε turbulent model and SIMPLEC algorithm are applied to do analysis. Flow field inside symmetric aerofoil blade and passage of pumping station are analyzed in detail. Some computational data, such as computational contour of sections, streamline of pumping system, flow vectors of blade and pressure contour of blade for two different rotate directional, are given in the paper. On the based of the simulation results, efficiency prediction of the pumping station is applied. By calculating the useful power and the hydraulic efficiency at the 11 different discharge points, capabilities of pumping station are predicted. A set of model pumping station with a 300mm blade are made for test. Using the laboratory test loop of which the total uncertainty of measured efficiency is ±0.39%, the hydraulic performance is evaluated and demonstrated. The numerical performances agree well with experiment data.

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