This paper describes effects of shock waves on cells to certificate the angiogenesis by shock wave (pressure wave) in the clinical application such as ESW (Extracorporeal Shock Wave). Especially, to investigate the effects of shock waves on the endothelial cells in vitro, the cells worked by plane shock waves using shock tube apparatus are observed by microscope. The peak pressure working on the endothelial cells at the test case is 0.4 MPa. After working shock waves on suspended cells, the disintegration, shape and growth rate (area per one cell and population of cells) are measured by image processing. It is found that the younger generation cells have small differences of shape index, and the growth rate of the shock-worked cells from 0 to 4h are clearly high compared with control ones. It is concluded that once shock waves worked, some of them are disintegrated, but the other has capacity to increase growth rate of cell culture in vitro. This preliminary result will be applied to fundamental investigations about shock wave stimulus on several kinds of cells in future.

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