This paper presents a numerical study of segregation of binary mixtures of particles in a gas fluidized bed (floatsam = 1 mm, jetsam = 2 mm in diameter). The well-mixed packing has been used as the initial condition in this simulation. Simulations are conducted under 3D conditions for particles with the application of the periodical boundary to the front and rear walls. The gas is injected uniformly at the bottom. Simulation are conducted with two different gas injection superficial velocities, one with 0.8 m/s, the other 1.2 m/s. Bed pressure drop has been recorded as a function of velocity and time. The results show that the degree of segregation is affected by gas velocity significantly, a clearly partial segregation occurs at gas injection velocity 0.8 m/s, while well mixed at 1.2 m/s. Mixing kinetics has been examined by use of the modified Lacey mixing index and explained in terms of microdynamic information.

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