In this study, a water solution of dye (whose Schmidt number is about 3,800) was issued into the quiescent water as an axisymmetric turbulent jet and the simultaneous measurements of axial velocity and concentration have been performed using the combined probe of I-type hot-film and fiber-optic concentration sensor based on the Lambert-Beer’s law. Then we calculated the PDF (Probability Density Function) for the streamwise velocity derivative ∂u/∂x and streamwise concentration derivative ∂c/∂x. It was confirmed that the PDFs for ∂u/∂x skew negatively, and the values of skewness (S∂u/∂x) and flatness factor (F∂u/∂x) are consistent with the other data (see Sreenivasan and Antonia, 1997). However, with regard to the PDFs for ∂c/∂x, the skewness (S∂c/∂x) show the values very close to zero, unlikely the past other data which show the magnitude of 0.5∼1.0. On the other hand, the flatness factor (F∂c/∂x) show the values of 7.0∼8.0 which are consistent with other data. This result suggests that the fine-scale structure of a high-Schmidt-number diffusion field is almost isotropic although it is intermittent.

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