In the present investigation, detailed observations on the flow patterns and measurements for pressure drop characteristics affected by the curvature effect in a micro-channel were carried out. The test channel has a square cross section that has 2.0mm on a side, and the radii of the curvature were 1.0mm and 3.0mm. It was cleared that the pressure fluctuation intensity became larger in the case of the curvature 1.0mm compared with the case of the curvature 3.0mm. Furthermore, in order to investigate the influence of the wall wettabirity, we applied the water repellent channel. In the case of the water repellent micro-channel, the flow pattern tended to easily transit to Annular flow side compared with the normal micro-channel without the water repellent, and we can see a new flow regime like Rivulet flow due to applying water repellent.

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