The turbulent properties of a heated and unheated Mach 0.85 axisymmetric jet have been studied. The velocity field of the jet at static temperature ratios of 0.87 and 2.34, was measured in the streamwise radial plane using Particle Image Velocimetry. The velocity measurements were acquired between streamwise locations of 3D and 8D downstream from the nozzle exit. Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) was applied to the velocity field using snapshot POD. The POD analysis showed that the eigenvalues of the heated jet had higher fraction of energy. The POD eigenfunctions or modes of the streamwise velocity of both jets were similar, while the POD modes of the radial velocity of both jets were very different. The POD modes of radial velocity of the unheated jet were symmetrical about the jet centerline, and the modes of the heated jet seemed to merge at the centerline. The near field pressure measurements were acquired just outside the shearlayer. A linear array of five pressure transducers was placed at 7° to the nozzle lipline, so that it would be parallel to the shear layer. The transducers in the array were spaced one diameter apart. Pressure measurements were acquired at streamwise locations between 4.25D and 10.25D from the nozzle exit. Based on the slope of the pressure spectra, the propagating events in the two jets were identified. The POD was also applied to the pressure data, and the POD modes of the two jets were compared. The peak in the amplitude of the POD mode of the heated jet was at a higher frequency. With increasing mode numbers, the peak in the POD mode of both jets shifted to a downstream location.

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