Boundary effects with a short annulus of Taylor Vortex Flow (TVF) called Ekman boundary, are greatly related to the generation of the various bifurcation modes in vortex structure, which are obtained even in the same Reynolds numbers. Parameters such as the aspect ratio and the radius ratio (Γ and η) are important factors for determination of the flow modes, which have been studied by many researchers and now known as the multiple solutions of the non-linear equations. One of these modes is expected to have mild mixing effects in solid-liquid phase flow, which could be useful for developing new bioreactor equipment. In the present, the spatiotemporal velocity field in the modulated or chaotic flow of Taylor vortex with a small aspect ratio is visualized and measured precisely by using ultrasonic velocity profiler (UVP). Although the flow is dilute solid-liquid flow in the present, this measuring system can be extended to somewhat more concentrated flow regions.

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