The aim of this research is to use the numerical analysis techniques to design deceleration devices for a blunt body. In this paper a qualitative analysis of the flow structure over a blunt body with and without multi-fins decelerator was shown. In some applications of aerodynamics, a deceleration of a moving body is required therefore the prediction and controlling of the drag is essential. The deceleration devices such as air bag or fins can be added to the body to increase the aerodynamics drag. For a supersonic speed, a flow around blunt body is complicated due to the detached shock wave, flow separation, boundary layer and their interactions. When a decelerator is integrated with the blunt body the flow is subject to sever change of aerodynamic forces and velocity. The results will show that adding a deceleration device will change the flow structure behind the body especially with regard to the pressure drag and wake. Results of contour plots of Mach number and static pressure for zero angles of attack will demonstrate that the aerodynamic forces and the velocity are changed when the deceleration device is integrated with the blunt body. A number of important conclusions follow from the current research. First, study of the actual flow configuration over a blunt body with a decelerator offers some insight into the complex flow phenomena. Second, adding the decelerator will increase the separation that will result in an increase of total drag.

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