Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM) is an advanced machining technology. It has been applied to highly specialized fields such as aerospace, aeronautics and medical industries. However, it still has some problems to be overcome. The efficient tool-design, electrolyte processing, and disposal of metal hydroxide sludge are the typical ones. To solve such problems, CFD is expected to be a powerful tool in the near future. However, the numerical method that can satisfactorily predict the flow has not been established because of the complex flow natures. In the present study, we develop a multi-physics model and a numerical procedure to predict an ECM process. They are verified to the canonical ECM process for a two-dimensional flat plate, and then applied to the ECM process for a three-dimensional compressor blade. It is exhibited that the present model and numerical procedure can satisfactorily predict the final shape of the blade. In addition, using the computed results, the multi-phase flow, thermal and electric fields between the tool and the blade are numerically investigated.

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