An algorithm is presented for fluid-structure and fluid-rigid body interactions using a particle method. The algorithm is based on weak coupling, where fluid and solid analyses are explicitly connected in each time step. Fluid dynamics is solved by the Moving Particle Semi-implicit (MPS) method proposed by Koshizuka and Oka in 1996. Elastic solid dynamics is solved by the MPS method proposed by Song et al. in 2000. Rigid body motion is calculated by the particle method proposed by Tanaka et al. in 2007. The external force from the fluid to the rigid bodies is calculated by either volume integral or surface integral. When the volume integral is employed, both fluid and rigid bodies are calculated as fluid at first in each time step and then the rigid body dynamics is solved and the shapes are reconstructed. For fluid-elastic solid coupling, surface integral is necessary. Calculation examples using the present algorithms are shown.

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