Being required to have the functions of both pumping and drainage, some pumping stations are suggested to adopt two-way standard tube tubular pump unit, which also meets the needs of low heads and large discharge condition. In the paper, the velocity field of flow passage among the passage of tubular pump unit is measured by micro 5-hole probes system, in order to provide experimental evidences for improving the pump unit performance further. Experimental results show that axial velocity become larger from the wall to the center of inlet passage; however, axial velocity in the outlet passage center is less than that near the wall. At the same time, the uniformity of axial velocity in the outlet passage also turns badly. It is also found that transverse velocity of inlet passage is small and it becomes larger in the outlet passage because of the outlet circulation. The axial velocity of curved pipe becomes less from the inside to the outside, which is caused by centrifugal effort. The above data can make for both reference to design perfect tubular pump unit and comparison with CFD results.

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