The development of a pressure and a suction surface of a single-blade pump impeller leads to a strong asymmetric pressure distribution at the perimeter of the rotor outlet. The interaction of the impeller flow with the pump casing produces a flow field which is periodic with the impeller turning. In a numerical approach the transient flow in a complete single-blade centrifugal pump has been calculated by solving the 3-dimensional time dependent Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes equations (URANS) with a commercial CFD code for a wide range of pump operation. A strong dependence from the impeller position has been recognized for all flow parameters. Especially at off-design conditions the flow in the impeller and in the casing showed stall and reverse flow at particular impeller positions. Experiments have been used to validate the numerical investigations of the time dependent flow in the single-blade pump. The submersible pump, completely made of transparent plastic, has been investigated in detail by the Particle Image Velocimetry. The phase averaged 2D-velocity field inside the pump was measured for the same operating points which were investigated by numerical methods in advance. Measurement planes near the hub and the shroud disc and also at mid-span of the blade were chosen to expose the 3D-character of the flow inside the pump. The measured velocities were compared to the results from numerical simulations in detail. The good agreement between measurements and calculations, which was obtained for all investigated operating points, certifies the numerical simulations a high accuracy.

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