In the present work, the mean flow field in a stirred tank equipped with a scale model of a commercially available Grundfos AFG.40.230.35 flowmaker is investigated using CFD simulation and Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA), in order to provide information on the interaction between flow, propeller and wall proximity. The propeller is placed at a specified location in the tank, and measurements are taken at various locations in the tank to provide as detailed a representation of the resulting flow as possible as well as insight into the near-field of the flowmaker. The simulation, carried out with Ansys CFX 10, used a multiple frame of reference (MFR) approach to include a full representation of the flowmaker blade and motor geometry, to fully include the effects of the blade shape and variable pitch. The reported results are based on a k-e model using a second order discretization scheme. The results show good agreement on downstream axial velocities immediately after the flowmaker, although the numerical results exhibit symmetry to a greater extent than the experimental data, which is believed to be due to a combination of wall proximity effects in the latter and the turbulence model in the latter. However, the results provide valuable insight into the performance of CFD analysis on this type of flow maker, and highlight aspects for future work.

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