A finite volume, pressure based semi-implicit algorithm is developed for solving a multi-fluid system of any number of phases with strong coupling between the phases in mass, momentum and energy transfer. The mass transfer from liquid to vapor due to cavitation is modeled based on a single bubble dynamics (Rayleigh-Plesset equation). In order to model the vapor phase of variable size distribution, or polydispersion, the transport equations of bubble number density and interfacial area are derived from taking the moments of the PDF equation in phase space. The modeling of the result equations are effected through consideration of breakup and coalescence. The k-zeta-f turbulence model is adopted which is found to be particularly effective for predicting near wall effects on the turbulence level. Validation efforts are presented in which comparison with available measurement data are made for a number of cases including constricted channel flow with sharp inlet (I-channel), with smooth inlet (Y-channel), a flash-boiling cavitation set-up, and an actual injector set-up.

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