The natural convection is studied in a cavity witch the lower half is filled with a porous media that is saturated with a first fluid (liquid), and the upper is filled with a second fluid (gas). The horizontal borders are heated and cooled by uniform heat fluxes and vertical ones are adiabatic. The formulation of the problem is based on the Darcy-Brinkman model. The density variation is taken into account by the Boussinesq approximation. The system of the coupled equations is resolved by the classic finite volume method. The numerical results show that the variation of the conductivity of the porous media influences strongly the flow structure and the heat transfer as well as in upper that in the lower zones. The effect of conductivity is conditioned by the porosity which plays a very significant roll on the heat transfer. The structures of this flow show that this kind of problem with specific boundary conditions generates a complex flow structure of several contra-rotating two to two cells, in the upper half of the cavity.

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