Simplifying assumption are examined to quicken the fluid dynamic design of centrifugal pump impellers when an upstream inducer is applied. First a complete inducer with a complete impeller is computed. Second a more rapid calculation method is investigated which utilizes only one inducer passage and one impeller passage. Pitchwise averaging is performed at their interface. A third and even more rapid approach replaces the entire inducer with simulated velocity and pressure boundary conditions upstream of a single impeller passage. In all 3 computed cases a vaned channel diffuser is included at the impeller outlet. The 3 computed cases are compared to the measured pump pressure and efficiency characteristic. In terms of computational intensity the complete calculation presented here took 5 days to generate a 9 point characteristic curve. For the same number of points the averaged case took 2.5 days while the simulated case took 1.5 days to compute. In terms of the results the 3rd simulated method is reasonable until the final centrifugal impeller design phase is reached, when more accurate calculations are required.

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