In this paper, numerical results of the mixing behavior of two mass flows having different temperatures in an elbow, which is located upstream of a turbocharger compressor, are presented. The background for these investigations are the thermal problems and the problems due to droplet impacts, which arise as a result of Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation for a turbocharger compressor. In these investigations, the temperature distributions resulting at the inlet of the compressor are mainly of interest. Of further interest are the trajectories of possibly arising water droplets in the inflow of the turbocharger compressor. In the first step different injection configurations are calculated without the compressor in order to get a first impression of the mixing behavior of two mass flows in an elbow. Afterwards three of the injection geometries are calculated including the compressor to see the influence of the compressor on the mixing behavior. The results show a strong influence of the direction of the injection and of the relative position of the injection to the elbow unit. Subsequently, visualization tests are made to qualitatively check the mixing behavior of the different elbow geometries.

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