A nonlocal pressure equation is proposed for liquid-vapor interfaces based on mean-field theory. The new nonlocal pressure equation is shown to be a generalized form of the nonlocal pressure equation of the van der Waals theory or the “square-gradient theory”. The proposed nonlocal pressure is implemented in the mean-field free-energy lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) proposed by Zhang et al (2004). The modified LBM is applied to simulate equilibrium interface properties and the interface dynamics of capillary waves. Computed results are validated with Maxwell constructions of liquid-vapor coexistence densities, theoretical relationship of variation of surface tension with temperature, theoretical planar interface density profiles, and the dispersion relation between frequency and wave number describing the dynamics of capillary waves. It is shown that the modified LBM gives very good agreement with the theories. In addition, preliminary calculations of phase transition and binary droplet coalescence are also presented.

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