Large eddy simulations of turbulent flow around complex geometries are presented. A non-body conformal grid method is developed and combined into the compressible Navier-Stokes solver. Time derivative preconditioning is used to deal with the low Mach number situation. A second-order accurate finite volume formulation is chosen and the implicit LU-SGS scheme is implemented. A localized dynamic subgrid-scale (SGS) model is used to evaluate the subgrid-scale stresses and heat fluxes. A second-order bilinear (for 2D situation) or trilinear (for 3D situation) interpolation method is employed to satisfy the no-slip boundary condition on the immersed boundary. The method is validated for flow past a circular cylinder with different Reynolds numbers. Large eddy simulation of pipe flow with high Reynolds numbers using this non-body conformal grid method is conducted and the turbulent statistics are consistent with body-fitted grid method results. Furthermore, the LES simulation results with non-body conformal grids for channel flow containing a rod bundle are presented.

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