In this paper some characteristics of non-steady, compressible, flow are explored, including compression and expansion waves creation reflection and interaction shock waves. The work to be presented herein is a Computational Fluid Dynamics investigation of the complex fluid phenomena that occur inside 2-D and 3-D regions, specifically with regard to the structure of the oblique shock waves, the reflected shock waves and the interactions of the shock waves. The flow is so complex that there exist oblique shock waves, expansion fans, slip surfaces, and shock wave reflections and interactions. The flow is non-steady, viscous, compressible, and high-speed supersonic. This paper will show a relationship between the Mach numbers and the angles of the reflected shock waves, over a double step, opposed equal wedges, and opposed unequal wedges. The aim of this paper is to study the characteristics of the flow inside 2-D and 3-D regions where creation, reflection and interaction of multiple shock waves.

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