The work to be presented herein is a Computational Fluid Dynamics investigation of the complex fluid phenomena specifically with regard to the structure of detached shock waves over a moving body. This paper will show a relationship between the geometrical data and the strength and position of the detached shock waves, over moving body. The aim of this paper is to develop a relationship between the Mach number, the geometry and the strength of the detached shock wave. A study was completed on a different number of configurations. Results including contour plots of Mach number, static pressure, and static temperature showed the structure of 2-D detached shock waves in a complex region. A CFD analysis enables one to understand the complex flow structure of the detached shock waves over a body with different configurations. The results will show that for η>1 the detached shock will stand at farther distance than η<1 for the same geometrical shape. Through this computational analysis, a better interpretation of the physical phenomenon of the two dimensional detached shock waves can be achieved and to use this knowledge to achieve a design methodology that will benefit the industrial applications.

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