A computational model using Lattice Boltzmann Equation (LBE) method is employed to investigate the fluid transport on the anode side of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cells, with an emphasis on mass transfer enhancement. A 3-dimensional LBE code is developed to solve the flows in the channel and the porous media in the gas diffusion layer (GDL) simultaneously. Multiple flow enhancers (obstructions in the flow channel) are placed in the channel to enhance the transversal flow across the GDL. The mass flow rate, the velocity field and the pressure distribution are analyzed. The effects of flow enhancers are assessed. The results show that the transversal flow across the GDL is enhanced by placing flow enhancers in the channel. Increasing flow enhancer size can significantly increase the transversal flow rate, with high pressure-loss through the flow channel. The results also demonstrate that the location of flow enhancers in the flow channel have a remarkable impact on the transversal flow rate. The transversal flow rate increases as the GDL porosity increases.

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