The present paper proposes a new ‘default’ turbulence model for general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The four equations k-ε-ζ-f turbulence model of Hanjalic et al. (2004) is assessed on various test cases. There is no significant penalty on computing time and robustness when compared with the present standard industrial model, namely the standard k-ε model. The k-ε-ζ-f model is applied in conjunction with the universal wall treatment which combines the integration up to the wall with wall functions. Such a solution is the optimum for any computational mesh. The original model uses the linear stress-strain relationship but here, the assessment is also made for the non-linear k-ε-ζ-f model. The key application in this paper is the tangential dual-intake port and for that case, the calculations are also performed with the full Reynolds-stress model in order to provide an objective view on the k-ε-ζ-f model’s performances.

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