A new type turbine which can be called contra-rotating Kaplan turbine has been designed in this paper. This new turbine, which can make power on both directions of the water flow, is mainly used in tidal power station. In this paper we discuss the feasibility of the new turbine by analyzing the velocity triangle of the inlet and outlet of the runner. According to this, we advance that two group of “S” type blades must be used to constitute the contra-rotating runner. Method of singular point distribution is used to design front-runner and rear runner based on the triangle velocity. Then the CFD simulation is used to validate and optimize the new turbine in different axial distances and different ratios of revolution speed between the front-runner and the rear runner. We simulate the internal flow field and the interaction between the front and rear runners using a three-dimensional steady turbulent flow with k-ε model and SIMPLEC method. Standard wall function is used in the turbulent calculation. From the simulation the hydraulic performance of the turbine is discussed.

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