In this paper, detached eddy simulation method is applied to the numerical simulation for whole passage of a model hydro turbine. The method combines the strong points of Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes and Large eddy simulation. In this model, Spalart–Allmaras turbulent model is improved, which reduces to a RANS formulation near a solid surface and to a subgrid model away from the wall. The hexahedron type mesh is used to divide the model, which can decrease the mesh scale and computation cost. In this paper, a unsteady turbulent simulation is done for model hydro turbine with this viscous model. The internal flow, vortex motion and pressure fluctuation inside hydro turbine can be studied from the result, which are also compared with the experiment data. It can be seen that this method can describe the complex flow of the turbine well while the mesh density is not very high.

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