This article illustrates a two-fluid large-eddy simulation (LES) approach for gas-particle turbulent flows. The equilibrium assumption in which the velocity of particles is approximated in terms of the velocity and acceleration of the gas phase, is made for the development of gas-particle LES formulation in this study. A filtered Eulerian velocity field is defined for particles and expressed in terms of the temporal and spatial derivatives of the gas-phase filtered velocity field. Also, filtered particle concentration defined in the Eulerian framework is governed by a transport equation with a closure problem resulted from filtering the particle concentration nonlinear convection term and in the form of subgrid-scale particle flux. A Smagorinsky kind of formulation is used to model the subgrid-scale particle flux and close the transport equation of the filtered particle concentration. The developed gas-particle LES formulation is implemented in a homogeneous shear turbulence configuration and results are discussed. It is shown that the equilibrium assumption is valid for sufficiently small particle time constants through conducting the direct numerical simulation of the same configuration.

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