Anticipating that Large Eddy Simulations will increasingly become the future engineering tool for research, development and design, it is deemed necessary to formulate some quality assessment measures that can be used to judge the resolution of turbulent scales and the accuracy of predictions. In this context some new and refined measures are proposed above and beyond those already published by the authors in the common literature. These new measures involve (a) fraction of total turbulent kinetic energy, (b) relative grid size with respect to Kolmogorov or Taylor scales, (c) relative effective sub-grid/numerical viscosity with respect to molecular viscosity, and (d) some property related to power spectra of turbulent kinetic energy. In addition, an attempt is made to segregate the contributions from numerical and modeling errors. Proposed measures are applied to various benchmark cases, and validated against fully resolved LES and/or DNS whenever possible. Along the same line of thinking, the authors present a perspective for verification of under-resolved direct numerical simulations.

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