Velocity distributions in (r,θ) directions are evaluated by solving simultaneous simplified Navier-Stokes equations (NSE) and continuity equation (CE) in polar coordinate. The analysis is based on steady state laminar flow of thin falling liquid film on a horizontal circular tube, for cases in which traction on the film surface is considered negligible. It is a common geometry for part of engineering problems such as evaporator, condenser, absorber, generator of absorption chillers and other similar units in mechanical and chemical engineering. Knowledge of the velocity profiles is usually needed for: 1- solving governing energy and species equations 2- estimating the average and film surface velocity, and 3- evaluating film thickness distribution and its gradient. Two models of velocity distributions are considered, namely actual model and simplified model. Models are compared not only with each other but also with semi actual model in (x,y) coordinate given in the literatures. The average and film surface velocity profiles and film thickness distribution for these models have been shown in various conditions. The results clearly show that the larger flow rates and/or smaller tube diameter increases the calculation error.

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