This is the second of two papers describing the traceability of nuclear feedwater flow measurements. The first considered the challenges and methodology for establishing the traceability of chordal ultrasonic flow meters. This paper considers the challenges of establishing the traceability in a measurement using a flow element of the modified venturi tube type. It specifically considers the assumptions and uncertainties associated with the extrapolation, for use in the field, of tube calibration factors measured in the laboratory. To quantify these uncertainties, the in-situ performance of four modified venturi tubes is compared with the performance of four 8-path chordal ultrasonic flowmeters. The data analyzed were collected in the feeds of four steam generators in a large pressurized water reactor plant, each feed containing one meter of each type. The meters were initially calibrated in this series arrangement in a NIST traceable calibration lab and then operated in the same arrangement in the field.

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