Present paper is devoted to numerical investigation of unsteadiness caused by impeller-diffuser interaction in a 8:1 total pressure ratio centrifugal compressor. The compressor designed by CIAM [7], and manufactured and tested by Customer gave satisfactory performances even under the first test. Further development requires new insights and advanced numerical tools. In this context, this paper presents Navier-Stokes computations of 3D viscous unsteady flow field within the impeller-diffuser configuration. Steady and unsteady computations indicated spacious zone of low velocity / reverse flow on pressure surface of the diffuser vane. To suppress this reverse flow, new vaned diffuser has been tailored through application of 3D inverse design procedure for Navier-Stokes equations [8]. Subsequent steady and unsteady N-S calculations performed for compressor with the new diffuser demonstrated depression of reverse flow within diffuser and different unsteady loading of the diffuser vane.

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