Based on the equations of gap flow and squeezed flow, the solution for viscosity amendment with slip-flow boundary condition is presented for microfluids damping force on perforated disks with one centre hole, moving along its axial direction in microfluids. The correlation between the kinetic damping of the perforated disk and the parameters, such as the gap height, the radius of the center hole and the thickness of disk, is investigated and obtained. Also an analytical expression of the damping composed of slide film damping and squeezed film damping is given for this kind of perforated disks. Having compared with the numerical solution from FEM method, the analytical solutions match well with those from FEM method. It shows that the microfluids damping on micro-disk has relationship with the surface characteristics of solid wall. Through amending the momentum accommodation coefficient, the accurate effective viscosity can be obtained. Thereby the microfluids damping force on the moving object can be calculated correctly. A simple computation method is presented for analysis and design on microfluids damping of a perforated disk with one centre hole.

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