The present study focuses on the analysis of the dynamic and periodic interaction between both fixed and rotating blade rows in a single stage turbomachine. The main goal is placed on the characterization of the unsteady flow structures involved in an axial flow blower of high reaction degree, relating them to working point variations and axial gap modifications. A numerical 3D simulation of the complete stage is carried out, using a commercial code that resolves the URANS set of equations. For the modeling of turbulence, a LES scheme is used in order to achieve a good description of the largest eddy structures of the flow. In the other hand, an experimental facility was developed to get a physical description of the flow inside the machine. Both static and dynamic measurements were used in order to describe the interaction phenomena. A directional probe with pressure transducers was employed for the static characterization, and hot wire anemometry techniques were used for the instantaneous response of the interaction. The scope is based on the development of a methodology to understand the flow mechanisms related to the blade passing frequency in a single rotor-stator interaction.

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