The numerical simulation of cavitating flows in turbomachinery is studied at the Turbomachinery and Cavitation team of LEGI (Grenoble - France) in collaboration with the French space agency (CNES) and the rocket engine division of SNECMA Moteurs. A barotropic state law is proposed to model the cavitation phenomenon and this model has been integrated in the commercial CFD code Fine/TurboTM, developed and commercialized by Numeca International. The numerical aspects of the work are mainly focused on numerical stability and reliability of the algorithm, when introducing large density variations through the strongly non linear barotropic state law. This research conducted first to changes in the way preconditioning parameters are calculated. Internal flows in turbomachinery have been deeply investigated. A methodology allowing the numerical simulation of the head drop induced by the development of cavitation has been proposed on the basis of computations in inducers and centrifugal pumps. These simulations have allowed the characterization of the mechanisms leading to the head drop and the visualization of the effects of the development of cavitation on internal flows.

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