The aim of the present paper is to provide some highlights about the most interesting experimental activities carried out during the years 2000–2004 through the CPRTF (Cavitating Pump Rotordynamic Test Facility) at Centrospazio/Alta S.p.A. After a brief description of the facility, the experimental activities carried out on a NACA 0015 hydrofoil for the characterization of the pressure coefficient on the suction side and evaluation the cavity length and oscillations are presented. Then, the results obtained to characterize the performance and the cavitation instabilities on three different axial inducers are showed: in particular, a commercial three-bladed inducer, the four-bladed inducer installed in the LOX turbopump of the Ariane Vulcain MK1 rocket engine and the “FAST2”, a two-bladed one manufactured by Avio S.p.A. using the criteria followed for the VINCI180 LOX inducer. The most interesting results are related to the effects of the temperature on the cavitation instabilities on hydrofoils and inducers. Experiments showed that some instabilities, like the cloud cavitation on hydrofoils and the surge on inducers, are strongly affected by the temperature, while others seem not to be influenced by the thermal effects. In the final part of this paper, some indications of the main experimental activities scheduled for the next future are provided.

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