A three-dimensional unstructured finite-volume method is used to investigate laminar flow characteristics of a miniature chamber with a possible application to micro gas turbine combustor design. The chamber is cylindrical in shape and 20mm in diameter with the fuel stream entering via a single jet in the center of one end of the can. Oxidizer jets are generated by a circular baffle plate having six holes surrounding the fuel jet. Attention is given to the effect of the inlet conditions on the flow structure and mixing pattern inside the chamber. Computations are carried out with the calculation domain inlet being positioned at two different locations; (1) at the immediate entrance to the combustion chamber (2) one combustor diameter upstream of the baffle plate. Numerous inlet conditions are considered including ‘top-hat’, fully-developed, swirling, an annular backward facing step and some asymmetrically skewed profiles. The baffle plate is shown to have a significant smoothing effect on the inlet conditions for a Reynolds number of 100.

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