Recently, an excavated soil-recycling machine has been receiving considerable attentions. The mobile type excavated soil-recycling machine is able to improve the soils by adding the additives such as slaked lime and cement at the construction site. However, not only the mechanical factors such as paddle inclination angle and pitch of the paddle but also the physical properties of the excavated soils affect the mixing performance of the excavated soils and additives. In this sense, experimental investigations are uneconomical and ineffective. This paper concerns with the numerical simulator to analyze the mixing behavior of excavated soils and additives in the soil-recycling machine with dual shafts in order to assist the economical and effective design of the optimum soil-recycling machine. By using the simulator, several simulations were carried out, and the effects of some mechanical parameters such as the paddle inclination angle and pitch of the paddle on the mixing performance were made clear.

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