Today’s market for gas turbines is getting bigger since there is a huge demand for power generation and mechanical drive applications. To meet the market requirements gas turbine components have to be very efficient to play a leading role. In order to accelerate component improvement the introduction of integrated CAx Technology is a key to achieve a less time-consuming and therefore cheaper design. This paper will describe a procedure which can be used to design an exhaust system for gas turbines with hot-end drive. It shows how to combine various technologies like CAD and CFD and make them work together rapidly. Firstly a 1D design is done and compared with a performance chart of conventional use. Then, a 2D parametric study of a 90 degree bend will be performed by the combination of a CAD-system and a CFD-solver. Thirdly a full 3D-simulation of the entire exhaust will be performed with a calibrated solver. Different complex geometry modifications are applied and their influence on the performance of the exhaust will be discussed.

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