Using micro PIV technique and micro LIF technique, velocity distributions and pH distributions of chemical reacting flow in micro fluidic device were measured. The micro fluidic device was Y-junction channel. In order to generate a neutralization reaction, acetic acid and ammonia hydroxide were introduced into each channel respectively. The results of velocity profiles of the chemical reacting flow corresponded closely to the theoretical profile of Poiseuille’s flow. This was characteristic of laminar flow. The results of pH distribution of the chemical reacting flow showed two kinds of distribution. In one case interface was straight and mixing was not noticeable at higher flow speed. In the other hand mixing or molecular diffusion due to chemical reaction definitely caused at lower flow rate. Applying both results we compared the experimental diffusion with theoretical value. In one case the experimental result corresponded close to theoretical value. However, it did not agree with theory in the other case. The results indicate that acetic acid and ammonia hydroxide mixed faster than theory in micro scale.

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