The interaction of traveling expansion waves with grid-generated turbulence was investigated in a large-scale shock tube research facility. The incident shock and the induced flow behind it passed through a rectangular grid, which generated a nearly homogeneous and nearly isotropic turbulent flow. As the shock wave exited the open end of the shock tube, a system of expansion waves was generated which traveled upstream and interacted with the grid-generated turbulence; a type of interaction free from streamline curvature effects, which cause additional effects on turbulence. In this experiment, wall pressure, total pressure and velocity were measured indicating a clear reduction in fluctuations. The incoming flow at Mach number 0.46 was expanded to a flow with Mach number 0.77 by an applied mean shear of 100 s−1. Although the strength of the generated expansion waves was mild, the effect on damping fluctuations on turbulence was clear. A reduction of in the level of total pressure fluctuations by 20 per cent was detected in the present experiments.

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