A technique to measure wall flow variation in Diesel Particle Filters (DPFs) is described. In a recent paper, it was shown how the flow distribution in DPFs could be measured in a non-destructive manner. This involved measuring the progressive dilution of a tracer gas introduced at the “outlet” channel upstream end. In the present paper, a significant further improvement to this technique is described, in which only a single probe is required, rather than the two of the previous technique. The single, traversable, probe consists of a controllable flow sink, and slightly downstream, a tracer gas supply. By controlling the sink flow rate such that a very small concentration of tracer gas is aspirated into it, the total flow up to that location in the channel is determined. Typical results showing the axial variation in the wall flow for known wall blockage cases are presented. It is suggested that this technique could be used to interpret the soot loading in the filter channels in a non-intrusive way.

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