Heat transfer and flow characteristics have been determined for a single-phase rectangular loop thermosiphon. The plane of the loop was vertical, and tests were performed with in-plane tilt angles ranging from 3.6° CW to 4.2° CCW. Velocity profiles were measured in one vertical leg of the loop using both a single-component Laser Doppler Velocimeter (LDV), and a commercial Particle Image Velocimeter (PIV) system. The LDV data and PIV data were found to be in good agreement. The measured average velocities were approximately 2–2.5 cm/s at an average heating rate of 70 W, and were independent of tilt angle. Significant RMS fluctuations of 10–20% of the mean velocity were observed in the test section, in spite of the laminar or transitional Reynolds numbers (order of 700, based on the hydraulic diameter). These fluctuations have been attributed to vortex shedding from the upstream temperature probes and mitre bends, rather than to fully developed turbulence. Animations of the PIV data clearly show these large scale unsteady flow patterns. Multiple steady state flow patterns were not observed.

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