The fluid engineering experiment class for undergraduate students in Nagaoka University of Technology is explained. Students learn the fundamental theory of the flow-induced vibration by teacher’s lecture and the video program in class room and move to the experiment room. They play with some simple device that is designed to cause the phenomenon of the flow-induced vibration. It is not difficult to cause the flow-induced vibration phenomenon on the devices but a few training and knacks are necessary. These devices were made by us for this experiment. Controlling the oscillation of these devices is interesting and it excites students so that we call them toys. Students learn the influence of various factors that cause the occurrence of the resonance and the fluttering through this experience. After this experience, they start more accurate and systematic experiment using the wind tunnel equipment. They write the report, and discuss their experiment result. We explain the details of these student experiment class and demonstrate the toys for the flow-induced vibration phenomenon.

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