Characteristics on particle motion in a liquid-solid two-phase jet flow were studied in the paper. The water jet including glass particle of 389 μm in mean diameter was injected into water bath. The experimental conditions were 0.21% of initial particle volume ratio, 5mm in pipe diameter and 1.84 m/s of mean velocity on outlet of the jet. A laser Doppler anemometer (LDA) with size discrimination was applied for measuring the time serious velocities of the single-phase flow, particle and water phase flow. A particle image velocimetry (PIV) was also applied in the two-phase flow. The normal PIV method can hardly measure the particle size and perform the particle size discrimination. In the experiment, using the gray scales related with the scattering light intensity, measuring method with size discrimination in two-phase flow was carried out. The experimental results show less difference between velocities of single-phase flow and water-phase flow under this low particle volume ratio condition. Particles have the relative motion with the water-phase and large rms velocity. The PIV used in this experiment, which is called multi-intensity-layer-PIV: MILP, can measure water-phase velocity with good accuracy.

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