As one of the proposals of a classifier, the injection port is mounted at the collecting mouth where the sands (relatively large particles) and the sediments (relatively small particles) mixture, which pile up under a body of water are fluidized before they are removed. The maximum diameter of the sediments to be removed is only determined by the active control of the vertically upward velocity of water at the classifying region of the classifier. Whether the particle goes up or down in the classifying region depends upon the balance of forces acting upon the particle. In this paper, in order to clarify the characteristics of the classifier traversing it in the horizontal direction, the experiments are carried out using the flow visualization technique, especially, at the beginning of cleaning. As a result, there exists the combination of the smaller and larger beads, which shows the quickest classification performed for the given conditions. The experiments are also carried out for the various flow rate ration of the injection to the suction.

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