In numerical simulation with meshfree method, it is necessary to search nodes that are needed. In dealing with complex problems, there must be a great number of nodes distributed in computational domain. If a conventional Node-Searching method is used here, it will be a burdensome task for the computer. So this paper proposes a new numerical arithmetic, Domain-Dividing method, which means that the domain can be divided into several subdomains. With this method, we can search only those corresponding subdomains instead of the entire domain for nodes. This paper adopts the Node-Searching arithmetic to simulate the inviscid potential flow over a cylinder, and it is found that with the increase of the nodes in domain, the computational time of meshfree method is increasingly longer than that of finite element method, but compared with meshfree method using conventional Node-Searching method, the arithmetic proposed in this paper can reduce much more time for searching nodes.

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