A new numerical scheme for the analysis of conducting fluid flow under the alternating current magnetic field is presented. In this scheme, the large deformation problem of a free surface is stably calculated by using LSM (level set method), and the computation of the electromagnetic field is economically carried out by discretizing the governing equations formulated by a vector potential method with hybrid FEM-BEM (finite element method – boundary element method). Two-dimensional numerical simulation in terms of the oscillation of a conducting drop set between two coil sections under non-gravity is conducted to verify the effectiveness and robustness of the present scheme. As a result, the oscillatory behavior is successfully obtained from the interaction between the Lorentz force and the restoring force. It is confirmed that the amplitude and the periods in the oscillation depend on the effective value of the alternating current flown in a coil and the magnitude of surface tension. Moreover, some numerical results obtained here agree with theory.

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