Experimental and numerical studies were made to investigate the effects of wavy interface on the liquid film to gas-phase turbulence modification of air-water annular flow in a vertically arranged round tube. By using the constant temperature hotwire anemometer, time-averaged axial velocity profiles, turbulence fluctuation profiles, energy spectrum and auto-correlation coefficient for fluctuation velocity component of gas-phase axial velocity were precisely measured. The liquid film thickness was also measured by using point-electrode resistivity probe to make clear the time-averaged liquid film thickness and wave height moving on the liquid film. Direct observations using high speed video camera were also added to make clear the dynamic behavior and propergating velocity of ripple or disturbance waves on liquid film flow. Numerical simulations for gas-phase turbulence in annular flow considering the effect of wavy interface of liquid film flow were also carried out. Liquid film flow was modeled to be the wall surface roughness of interfacial wave height moving with the interfacial velocity. The roughness and moving velocity of the modeled liquid film for computational condition were provided by the present experimental results. Time-averaged velocity profiles and fluctuation velocity profiles were calculated with standard k-ε model. Numerical results were generally consistent with the experimental results obtained in the present study.

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