Steady flow over rounded and ducted tip hydrofoils has been studied computationally using the CFDRC-ACE(U) flow solver and a k-ε turbulence model. The flow domains were gridded with a combination of C-H, H-H, tetrahedral and prism grid blocks and mesh sizes ranged from 350,000–550,000 cells. A good agreement in flow pattern was achieved between the numerical solutions and available experimental data. The computations show that the ducted tip hydrofoil sheds less bound circulation over the majority of the wing span than does a rounded tip hydrofoil with the same cross section and aspect ratio. Observation of the streamwise component of vorticity immediately downstream of the different hydrofoils shows that the vorticity from the ducted tip hydrofoil is shed in the shape of a duct instead of the concentrated circular vortex shed by the rounded tip hydrofoil.

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