The numerical simulations of three types of two-phase flow in centrifugal pump impellers are described. First, the liquid-solid particle flow is modeled by an Euler-Lagrangeian approach assuming a mass concentration less than 5% and particle diameters being less than 1000 microns. The empirical erosion model to predict the local and total wear is calibrated by measurements. Second, the influence of the relative air contents on the head-drop is simulated assuming a relatively small volume fraction and applying a simple one-fluid model. The mixture is characterized by a common density depending on the flow field. Finally, the cavitating flow is studied by implementing the Rayleigh equation into the numerical procedure describing the transient process of bubble growth and collapse. The developed simulation tools are applied to predict the three types of two-phase flows in impellers. Within the defined ranges of application the simulation results agree fairly well with the experimental data.

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