PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) is a new technique of flow measurement. In this experiment PIV technique is used to measure the flow conditions in the pump sump model, which are very complicated, especially in the surrounding of the pump bell where there are very complex vortexes. These will affect the flow characteristics in the pump system broadly and result in vibration and cavitation, and decrease the efficiency of the system. And these will harm the performance of pump station, and even lead it out of order. The vortex surrounding the pump bell has the direct relationships with the structure of the pump suction sump and the pump bell. In this experiment the pump suction sump and the pump bell with particularly structure are used to research the flow situation in the surrounding of the bell. The PIV method is used in the experimental to study the flow conditions surrounding the pump bell. Using this technique the flow velocities, the streamlines and the turbulent kinetic energies in the full range can be obtained. Moreover, other important parameters can be gotten after being analyzed the base experiment data further. Here, the results of the PIV experiment on flow in pump suction sump are analyzed further, and the following parameters are obtained: circulation vector of the inlet flow of bell, three-dimensional velocity and turbulent kinetic energies. And through analyzing the experiment’s photos, the air core’s conditions in the bell also can be gotten.

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